Sylvia F. of Yarmouth Port, Mass., called us to ask about the® return policy because, within days of receiving her order, Sylvia’s husband passed away. As personal shopper Lori Roysden spoke with Sylvia, she was deeply moved by the loss of a man who seemed so special.

Lori wanted to do something very special for Sylvia and her late husband, David. She looked up David’s obituary to get to know him and Sylvia a little better. Lori found out that, because of their Jewish faith, sending flowers was discouraged because people would be “sitting Shiva” at this time. Lori consulted various stores and even funeral homes to find a simple, yet deeply personal gesture: a Jewish sympathy card.

When she received the card Sylvia was so touched, she said, “Who would expect such thoughtfulness from a voice on the customer service line?”


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