Legendary Service… that’s priceless!

Robert. P called Jockey® Personal Shopper Donna Greeno looking for products that would be just right for him.  A stranger had recently pulled him from a burning car, and with all the burns, he had to be especially cautious with what he wore.  While Donna placed his order, Robert remarked that he couldn’t understand why a complete stranger would risk his own life for him.  “Your life is previous,” Donna responded, “well worth the risk.”  After placing his order, Donna sent Robert a special card noting, “Your life is so precious Robert! I wonder how many wonderful ways your life will touch others in the days to come.  On behalf of all of us here at Jockey®, I wish you a speedy recovery!”  Robert was so moved by the thoughful little card, he said “In a World where everything is measured in dollars and cents, nobody’s yet been able to find a way to put a dollar value on kindness. Thank you.”

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