“It’s amazing how hard it can be to buy something simply because there is no service,” says Evelyn E., of Michigan. After suffering from a medical condition, Evelyn shares, “It’s not easy finding clothes that fit right.”

Jockey personal shopper Debbie was very, very helpful, but I didn’t know what to buy,” recalls Evelyn. “The Jockey guarantee is nice, but I just didn’t want the chore of having to return something because for me, it’s a chore, a very big one.”

Understanding Evelyn’s unique situation, Debbie sent her some samples to try, along with a personalized card, expressing her appreciation and concern.

“I found the one that’s just right. I could never have done it without somebody who cares and goes the extra mile for the customer.”

Have you experienced a random act of kindness that really made your day? If so, leave it in a comment below.

  1. Whne are you getting new bras? Tht is what I am waiting for. Pretty colored ones like you used to have.

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