Roy K., of Alaska, says he HAD to call Jockey to express his appreciation for the “amazing” customer service he received in January.

“Sorry it took so long, but we’re finally thawing out here and just now getting out of our homes again,” he joked.

It was snow that occasioned the Legendary Service he received from Jockey personal shopper Donna G. “I was telling her about the snow, we were just buried,” he recalls. “I wondered how, or if, we’d ever get out of our house. I told Donna to visit us and bring a shovel.”

Unfortunately, Donna couldn’t make it. BUT, she sent a shipment of coffee and hot chocolate to help Roy and his family make it through winter.

“The card she sent was just lovely,” he adds. “I don’t talk about my underwear with people, but now I talk about Jockey. How could I not?” We’ll be wishing you sunshine and warmth, Roy!

We’d love to hear from you: Have you ever received customer service that left a long lasting impression?


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