Nadine H., of Colorado, made a quick call to Jockey to get some hosiery that she needed expedited for her mother-in-law’s funeral. She was stunned when she found a floral arrangement at the funeral from her friends at Jockey.

“Everybody kept asking who my mother-in-law knew from Jockey, and when I explained customer service sent it, most people were just speechless, kind of, you know, “WOW,” explains Nadine. “You made quite an impact, not just for Jockey but humanity. I wonder how many people told other people who told other people.”

Have you experienced a random act of kindness that really made your day? If so, leave it in a comment below.

  1. Lisa and Alan Lautenschlager says:

    We were in Dillon Co. Last year in 2015. We went to the Jockey store in search of something different and possibly better than VSsecret bras. We were greeted by a very helpful gal “Missy” She spent a lot of time fitting and finding a bra that I loved! Long story short. After trying them out for many months found they rubbed and were not comfortable. About 9 mo later, we returned to Dillon and thought just maybe we could at least see what they would do. We were so surprised to see “Missy” when we walked in and she once again greeted us warmly and literally went above and beyond to find a bra that I would love! These days it is extremely rare to get any help at all, so were relieved to leave with a product we loved and a good feeling about this company and more importantly, a person who cared about their product and their job!! Kudos Missy from Dillon Outlet Mall!!!

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