When Carolyn R. of Pennsylvania called personal shopper Donna Greeno to place an order, she had the most inspirational success story that Donna had ever heard.  Carolyn had been taking a wide variety of medication prescribed for her high blood pressure and diabetes.  Then, last July, Carolyn  joined a health club.  Now, not only is she feeling better than she has in year, Carolyn no longer needs to take her high blood pressure medication, and the diabetes medication dosage has decreased.

Carolyn said, “When I work out, I only wear Jockey gear.  I just love how they fit and feel.  I have 20 pounds to go and I will no longer be overweight.  The fun continues and I wanted to share this with you.  Jockey clothes are cool.  Tell everyone at Jockey I say thank you.”

To celebrate her victories, Donna sent Carolyn a special card and a new Jockey® activewear outfit.


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