One of the best things about losing weight is new wardrobe shopping. In many ways, it’s the start of a “new you.” Not long ago, we had a real loser call into our customer care center. His name was Jim F. and he lived in Texas – boy was he a loser.

When Jim’s order arrived at his house, he noticed his order was missing styles. Concerned, Jim called Jockey and talked with Personal Shopper Denise to report the mistake. Without question, Denise ordered his replacement merchandise. Bubbling over with excitement, Jim shared he had lost 153 POUNDS!

In celebration of his weight loss, Jim was ordering new underwear to fit his new size. Not satisfied just yet, he was on a mission to lose even more weight. 

To show our excitement for Jim and let him know everyone at Jockey supports him in more ways than one, Denise sent Jim a basket of fruit with a thoughtful little note: “Congratulations on your recent loss! You’re such an inspiration! We look forward to hearing back from you.”

Have you experienced a random act of kindness that really made your day? If so, leave it in a comment below.

  1. Mary Ellen Nisbet says:

    I wanted to let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed shopping at the Jockey store in Manchester Vermont. Donna was very helpful and very friendly!!

  2. I was at the Howell, Mi. Outlet store today and was helped by Kim G. I was very impressed by her. Not only was she super knowledgeable about the product line, but she was so cheerful and helpful. A real gem in this world of I don’t care attitudes! I would call her the perfect model of how sales people should be. I hope you reward and promote her!

  3. All of the personnel at the Outlet Store in Cabazon, CA have been exceptional in helping, courteous attitude, very helpful and positive. I wish I could remember all of their names. Kelly is one of the best. Also a young lady named Pai.

    Thanks to all of you.

  4. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    duh! Now I see that I made a typo (and I don’t see how I can edit or delete it!)–I have not received a random act of kindness recently…

  5. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Unfortunately, I have experienced a random act of kindness recently. However, I wanted to leave a comment because I think it was really nice of Denise to send Jim a thoughtful gift.

  6. I have went from 410lbs to 165lbs myself, a few places rewarded me with gift cards…love to shop! Especially in the smaller sizes!

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