Ready or not, 2013 is here … and so are New Year’s Resolutions. Woo woo, right? Not so much.

After a recent Facebook fan poll, many of our fans are giving New Year’s Resolutions a thumbs down. As for us, we’ve got one REALLY important resolution – be a great resource for all things underwear. We all wear undies, why not learn ways to be more comfortable and confident in them? Seriously, nothing ruins a day quicker than a wedgie.

Throughout the course of last year, we asked both our Facebook and Twitter fans tons of questions about underwear: what to wear underneath a particular wardrobe piece; should you iron underwear; is underwear a reflection of one’s true personality; best way to eliminate a muffin top; is it weird to buy underwear for other people; which style of underwear do men look best in; should bra and underwear match; do men really use the fly on their underwear, etc.

Through those questions, we noticed a trend – our fans not only enjoyed answering our questions, but they liked hearing others opinions. In fact, fans started leaving us Facebook messages wondering if we could ask a question on our page. This got us thinking.

To be a great resource on all things underwear, we need to include questions you’re interested in learning about. So, let’s chat.

Leave a comment on this blog post (or email us at with underwear related questions you’d love for us to post on our Facebook or Twitter pages. When we post your questions we’ll keep you anonymous (unless you want your name included).

Ask away …

  1. I am a male and I like the No Panty Line Promise collection. Better then any boxer or brief marketed for men. the Stay Cool Modern Briefs are nice too!

  2. As Tom said, find out what styles of panties men prefer. Looking at the reviews, it seems there are alot of styles of panties that men enjoy wearing. Some of my favs are styles #2035, #2006, #2003, #1370 and #2007.

  3. Where do you get your insparation or ideas for choice of colors for Mens Sport Mesh Briefs 8037 & the Mens H fly Boxer Briefs 8076. The colors are eyeball catching fantastic. This adds pizzas to performance,comfort & awsome magnificent feel these breifs can give.I’ve gotten hooked on these so much,I have been stocking up on these since these are hard to find at many of the department stores.

  4. With all the beautiful material available how in the world do your designers end up picking the all time worst of what’s there?
    And please, give us more respect than offering us “bad” & “worse” fabrics to chose for future prints?
    Thanks for listening.
    I generally purchase women’s Elance, sz 9 or 10, french cut.

  5. Anthony Longo says:

    I thoght all Jockey underwear was made in the USA? i have a pair of panties that are made in thailand and the spanx that was made in China. why is Jocket products made in the USA?? Thank You

  6. Anthony Longo says:

    i thought all Jockey underwear was made in the USA? i have a pair of panties and the spanx that are made in china and thailand. Thank you

  7. my Q has been for many years is …..
    what is with the pocket in the front of mens undies?
    I know its not for “easy” access lol
    if it has something to do with “the olden days” then why is there STILL a pocket there?

  8. Why aren’t Jockey® No Panty Line Promise® Tactel® Hip Brief underwear Style #1372 or Style #1370 marketed to Men? You can see on your reviews they sell well to that target, more Men might try them if they were marketed to Men, and I think you would find sales would go up substationally if men were not forced to hide the fact that they love the comfort of these Jockey Briefs.

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