Nowadays, it seems that sports are all about statistics. Algorithms abound in every game, designed to determine an athlete’s “worth.” But to those who actually play, stats are just one piece of the puzzle. The numbers may not lie, but they don’t tell the whole story either.

We understand that there are always other factors at play for every athlete—things that no one else will ever see. After all, Jockey has spent over a century perfecting what Jockey does best, underwear—critical gear that, by design, remains hidden. With our new Jockey Sport collection, we go beyond sheer comfort to deliver REAL features and benefits an #EverydayAthlete needs: odor control, cooling, quick-drying. The Jockey Sport collection features three unique styles: The Jockey Microfiber Performance line, with a smooth, flexible fit; Jockey Cotton Performance, which elevates cotton’s familiar comfort transformed for performance; and the Jockey Pro Performance line, featuring superior support without restrictive support.

We don’t joke around when it comes to performance design. The Jockey Sport underwear collection is built with cutting-edge body scanning and sweat pattern research to further fine-tune the underwear’s moisture wicking, odor control and antimicrobial properties. From there, it goes to a world renowned biomechanics lab, where a 1.3 million pixel camera captures 1,000 frames per second of real athletes performing in Jockey Pro Performance underwear, analyzing speed, range of motion, agility and power. The result of all this research and hard work? No other underwear tested fights odor better or dries faster to help keep you cooler.

The Jockey Sport underwear collection makes the intangibles tangible, giving you the gear that helps you perform at your peak.

  1. I’m now a Jockey fan for life because of the non-competitive quality of their products. Scientific designed, Well constructed, Excellent support, Un-habited comfort, Quality blend of materials used to ensure long Gevity & Durability, Fantastic color/print selection too. Also to comment on the advantage of online shopping for exclusives and promos not found in stores along with great customer service. This is a real winner for all.

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