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March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we are taking a brief look back at our first-ever women’s collection, Jockey for Her. Not only was it a game changer in the underwear industry, but also for Jockey and women.

Introducing Jockey for Her

It all started with Donna Steigerwaldt, the then chairman of the board and CEO of Jockey International. A pioneer of her time, she was not only a female running a hugely successful men’s underwear business, but she was also about to launch an overnight sensation for women.

It may seem hard to believe now, but in the early 1980s women’s cotton underwear was scarce—and viewed as a product for young children or older ladies. But, Steigerwaldt felt differently. She believed that women would welcome a cotton panty, especially one from a world renowned brand, so in 1982 Jockey for Her was born.

Look Who’s Wearing Jockey Now

Soon after Jockey for Her underwear launched, Jockey rolled out the Look Who’s Wearing Jockey Now campaign to promote the new collection. It pushed the envelope by showcasing real women in various professions.

Not only was Jockey for Her enormously successful, it was revolutionary. According to Debra S. Waller, Steigerwaldt’s daughter and current chairman of the board and CEO of Jockey International, “Today some women take cotton intimates for granted. But I remember a time when cotton intimates were a radical concept that nobody believed in. Nobody but Jockey and consumers, that is.”

And, Jockey for Her did something else for Jockey—it was the driving force behind Jockey’s desire to craft and design innovative, comfortable, solution-based styles for women. From Jockey for Her came an assortment of products that gave women the comfort and confidence to always be themselves.

The developments and innovations Jockey has made in the women’s undergarment industry are remarkable, awe-inspiring and always focused on one single goal: to provide women with exceptional comfort so that they feel beautiful, confident and true to themselves.

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