Pro football wide receiver and adoptive parent to collaborate  with foundation to raise awareness for post-adoption services

KENOSHA, Wis. [May 12, 2016] – The Jockey Being Family Foundation, Ltd. (Jockey Being Family) today announced that it has signed pro football wide receiver Jordy Nelson to serve as an ambassador and raise awareness for the foundation and the need for post-adoption services. Nelson, and his wife, Emily, recently grew their family through an adoption and are the proud parents to two boys.

Jockey Being Family is Jockey International, Inc.’s corporate initiative, which provides resources and support to post-adoption organizations to help strengthen adoptive families once an adoption is finalized.

“I am thrilled to join the Jockey Being Family team as they share the same values that are important to me and my family,” said Nelson. “Given my profession, I know I have a platform and responsibility to help others and this is a cause that I wanted to be involved in, to promote adoption and highlight the importance of post-adoption resources and services. Adoption is a great way to grow and have a family.”

As a kickoff to the partnership, Jockey Being Family and Nelson, along with his family, produced a video in which Nelson gives glimpses into his family’s life, his positive experience in adopting and how he can amplify the cause.

“We are so excited to partner with Jordy Nelson to help raise awareness for and support of post-adoption services,” said Debra S. Waller, founder of Jockey Being Family. “With Jordy’s support and platform we believe we can, together, have an even greater impact in helping families better understand and have access to post-adoptions resources. Just because an adoption is finalized doesn’t mean support should stop. Adoption is a lifelong journey and Jockey Being Family hopes to be a guiding hand.”

As part of the relationship, Nelson will make appearances on behalf of Jockey Being Family, highlighted by the inaugural Jockey Being Family® Gala and Golf in Lake Geneva, Wis. May 15-16, 2016.

About Jockey Being Family Foundation, Ltd.

Since 2005 Jockey Being Family has directly impacted more than 325,000 families, contributed more than $6.5 million dollars to adoption organizations and awarded more than 5,250 scholarships.

Post-adoption services frequently requested by adoptive families include information, respite care, parent support groups and referrals to medical professionals. By promoting these valuable resources and providing increased access to post-adoption services, Jockey Being Family hopes that all adopted families will have the tools they need to thrive and grow.

For those interested in learning more about Jockey Being Family and supporting the cause, please visit




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