From time to time in this space you’ll read about or see mentions of the Jockey Being Family Foundation. Founded in 2005, by Jockey’s Chairman and CEO Debra S. Waller, with the mission of strengthening adoptive families through post-adoptive services by funding adoption-related nonprofit organizations. Jockey Being Family provides a guiding hand for families by connecting adoptive parents and children to those resources, support and services.

With that background, we are thrilled to announce Jockey Being Family has signed pro football player Jordy Nelson as an ambassador for Jockey Being Family!

Jordy and his wife, Emily, recently adopted a child to continue to grow their family. Jordy, specifically, will lend his time and use his platform to help raise awareness for the Jockey Being Family Foundation and post-adoption services and support.051116-family-room-cropped-logo-names_LR

As a kickoff to the partnership, Jockey Being Family and Nelson, along with his family, put together a video in which Nelson gives glimpses into his family’s life, his positive experience in adopting and how he can amplify Jockey Being Family’s cause. You can watch it here.

With a shared passion and personal connection to adoption, the Nelsons are a most welcome addition. Together, we hope to raise awareness and help strengthen adoptive families for successful futures.

For those interested in getting involved and supporting the cause, Jockey Being Family® Bears have been known to put big smiles on kids faces, and $5 goes to the Jockey Being Family Foundation* which supports organizations that provide critical post-adoption services.

Thank you for your interest and support of Jockey Being Family!


* Customer purchase not tax deductible.


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