A day after visiting the new Jockey® Factory Store in Kenosha, WI, Tim Tebow stopped by the Jockey® headquarters for a special employee meet and greet.  It was a very relaxed event as employees watched videos and heard stories about Tebow, all of which further demonstrated the depth of his character and the strength of his work ethic.   

This occasion was full of fun and laughter.  Tim participated in a Q & A session, responding to questions from Jockey employees.  The questions ranged from “What’s your favorite color?” to “If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish?” Tim’s answers were full of grace and wit.  He even jumped at the opportunity to make a few friendly jokes with Mo Moorman, our PR guy, and event emcee.  Certainly, everyone had the chance to see Tim’s sense-of-humor, as well as all of the terrific qualities that make him an admirable Jockey® spokesperson. 

Without doubt, the most exciting and memorable part of Tebow’s visit was the photo shoot.  Each department had the opportunity to take a group photo with Tebow, topped of by a group shot of the entire Jockey® family with Tim Tebow.  And, of course, there were plenty of photos in between! 

Check out pictures from the event by simply clicking on the images below:


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