Eric Goni, general manager at Jockey Costa Rica, shared pictures from the plant’s hydroponic greenhouse project that was built at the back of the Jockey property. The team there brought in a technician who taught them the basics of organic farming using hydroponics and they are now able to eat their own produce. The structures in the photos were built by Jockey employees (operators, mechanics, etc.) and there’s also a committee in charge of maintaining and feeding the plants. All materials used on this project are 100% natural or are recycled items taken from the production process (i.e. broken buggies, pallets, bamboo, plastic thread cones, etc.).

“The goal is to grow a variety of things such as lettuce, onion, basil, bell peppers, cilantro, celery, etc. and be able to have our very own organic salad bar,” said Goni.


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