As fall and winter approach, at Jockey®, we are reminded of the importance of providing warmth and comfort. One of the most exciting ways Jockey® fulfills this promise is through Jockey Being Family®, our corporate citizenship initiative created to bring comfort to all families touched by adoption.

Launched in 2005, Jockey Being Family® naturally reflects Jockey’s values as a family-owned company by providing funding, employee volunteers, and in-kind donations to its nonprofit partners supporting post-adoption services. Recognizing an unmet need within the adoption space, post-adoption services were selected as an issue where Jockey® could make a significant impact. We believe that by strengthening adoptive families, we can help create ‘forever families’.

You may ask, what are post-adoption services? They are services that provide adoptive families with critical support, resources and information they need when faced with unexpected challenges that they are not prepared to handle. This is particularly true for families who have adopted children with special needs. The type of services frequently requested by families includes information, respite care, parent support groups and referrals to medical professionals. The availability of post-adoption services is vital for families throughout their adoption journey. Connecting families with the support they desperately need will help prevent failed adoptions that result in thousands of children returning to the foster care system. One failed adoption is one too many.

Today, we are proud to say this program has grown tremendously over the past five years through the support of our nonprofit partners, employees and customers. Through Jockey Being Family®, we have:

  • Given more than $2 million to nonprofit organizations to provide support after an adoption is finalized and help ensure ‘forever families’
  • Inspired more than 250 Jockey® volunteers to dedicate more than 4,000 hours to the issue
  • Distributed more than 1,900 backpacks through the Home to Stay® Program to newly adoptive families in Wisconsin
  • Rallied more than 1,500 dedicated issue champions via the North American Council on Adoptable Children Community Champions Network, Jockey-sponsored coalitions that train and empower post-adoption advocates in communities across North America
  • Funded the creation and distribution of a first-of-its-kind adoptive parent manual, A Step-by-Step Guide to Post-Adoption with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that is circulated annually to more than 100,000 recipients

Get the facts about adoption:
In developing Jockey Being Family®, we learned about the huge need facing the adoption community, particularly the lack of post-adoption services available to ensure ‘forever families.’ Did you know?

  • Most Americans have a connection to the adoption issue. Approximately two out of three Americans have been touched by adoption.
  • Unfortunately, there are many children living without families. Nearly 125,000 children in the U.S. are waiting to be adopted.
  • Many times, adoptions fail, once again leaving children without a loving family. 10 to 16 percent of adoptions ultimately fail or dissolve, resulting in thousands of children being returned to the foster care system each year.

People often ask how they can help. Join us today. Make a difference in the life of an adoptive family.

Give the gift of comfort to adoptive families this holiday season. In celebration of National Adoption Month this November, 1% of all® and catalog sales, as well as 100% of Jockey Being Family® bear online sales, will be donated to charities providing post-adoption services.

Give $1 today. Bring comfort to adoptive families tomorrow. Visit a Jockey® retail outlet store (find your nearest store) this November and add $1 to your purchase to support the Debra Steigerwalt Waller Foundation for Adoption, which will benefit our national Jockey Being Family nonprofit partners The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and The North American Council on Adoptable Children. When you donate at any of our Jockey® stores, you will also receive a 15% OFF coupon for your next in-store purchase!

Your Chatter Matters. Become Adoption Literate and help create an adoption-friendly world. Visit to learn more about adoption and spread the word to your family and friends about Jockey’s commitment to your community.


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