#IfTebowWins, what will you do?

By now, most of us know what Tebow Time is and all that it stands for: exhilaration, magic, screaming, possible visits to the ER from excitement overload, etc. But, last night we witnessed a new phenomenon: Tebow Time meets overtime. When we released our exclusive ad in ESPN magazine this month, shown below, we had no doubt Tebow would make his first playoff apperance a wild one, but we didn’t know how literal our “change your Jockeys” message from the ad could be.

Tim Tebow

Aside from a date with New England in this week’s playoff match-up, there’s more reason to celebrate Tebow’s thrilling victory. We’re only three games away from boxing up our undies and delivering on the Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge — a fancy name for a $1 MILLION FREE Jockey product giveaway, plus a $15,000 grand prize for one lucky winner! If you haven’t signed up, get your piece of the action now >>> www.jockey.com/tebow.

When we created our contest hashtag, #IfTebowWins, fans had fun sharing how they’d celebrate Tim Tebow winning it all. Here’s some of the messages we’ve received:

  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wash everyone’s Jockey underwear.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wear Jockey staycool everyday, even in the shower!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll swallow a live goldfish.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, Denver should retire #15!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll give myself a wedgie.”


Whether you believe Tebow can WIN it all or not, we want to know: #IfTebowWins, what will you do? We’re hooking up the most CREATIVE comment with a $100 Jockey gift card PLUS an autographed Tim Tebow football! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tag your submission with #IfTebowWins  -AND-
  2. Write us, send a photo or submit a video to our Facebook page or @Jockey Twitter handle


We’ll start this off: #IfTebowWins, we’ll give away $1 Million of FREE Jockey product & $15,000 to one lucky person!

Ready, set, GO! We’ll randomly choose one lucky winner before Saturday’s game!

76 thoughts on “#IfTebowWins, what will you do?

  1. If Tim Tebow wins I will first thank God for giving us a wonderful role model for kids…then I will celebrate in my Jockey underwear while everyone else is clothed!

  2. If Tim Tebow wins I’ll thank God for giving us such a wonderful young man. Then I will celebrate with only my jockeys on while everyone else is clothed!

  3. # IfTebowWins I will fly a bronco flag and some jockeys up the flag pole at my school (until my Principal finds it…. But she is a Tebow fan:) )

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