#IfTebowWins, what will you do?

By now, most of us know what Tebow Time is and all that it stands for: exhilaration, magic, screaming, possible visits to the ER from excitement overload, etc. But, last night we witnessed a new phenomenon: Tebow Time meets overtime. When we released our exclusive ad in ESPN magazine this month, shown below, we had no doubt Tebow would make his first playoff apperance a wild one, but we didn’t know how literal our “change your Jockeys” message from the ad could be.

Tim Tebow

Aside from a date with New England in this week’s playoff match-up, there’s more reason to celebrate Tebow’s thrilling victory. We’re only three games away from boxing up our undies and delivering on the Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge — a fancy name for a $1 MILLION FREE Jockey product giveaway, plus a $15,000 grand prize for one lucky winner! If you haven’t signed up, get your piece of the action now >>> www.jockey.com/tebow.

When we created our contest hashtag, #IfTebowWins, fans had fun sharing how they’d celebrate Tim Tebow winning it all. Here’s some of the messages we’ve received:

  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wash everyone’s Jockey underwear.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wear Jockey staycool everyday, even in the shower!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll swallow a live goldfish.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, Denver should retire #15!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll give myself a wedgie.”


Whether you believe Tebow can WIN it all or not, we want to know: #IfTebowWins, what will you do? We’re hooking up the most CREATIVE comment with a $100 Jockey gift card PLUS an autographed Tim Tebow football! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tag your submission with #IfTebowWins  -AND-
  2. Write us, send a photo or submit a video to our Facebook page or @Jockey Twitter handle


We’ll start this off: #IfTebowWins, we’ll give away $1 Million of FREE Jockey product & $15,000 to one lucky person!

Ready, set, GO! We’ll randomly choose one lucky winner before Saturday’s game!

76 thoughts on “#IfTebowWins, what will you do?

  1. If Tim and the broncos win, I will first give Thanks to The Lord, who has proven when you stick up and give God all the glory, he rewards you. I will be at a PBR event, I will jump up and down and let the Christian bull riders know that God is good.

  2. #IfTebowWins, I will tye-dye my jockeys and wear them outside in the snow, doing a touchdown victory dance!

  3. IfTebowWins I will go to the store and BUY Jockey product and donated it to the homeless and buy some for my family and myself all year long! PICK ME!

  4. when TEBOWWINS hopefully i can win put money towards double lung transplant GO BRONCOS may the force be with you GOD bless us all and our country

  5. if tebow wins i will be the most popular kid at my school,seeing as how i have always picked tebow to win.go tebow

  6. If Tebow wins, I’ll thank the Lord for letting the Broncos get another step closer to the Super Bowl. I’ll also thank the Lord for giving Tebow the ability to win the game and be a christian example to all those around him.

  7. When Tebow wins I will be so happy-I will shout from the rooftops!! And probably have enemies from my very very long ago high school days in RI!

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