Still need to get your holiday shopping done? Don’t worry – you are not alone!  We collected a list of great — and totally personal — gifts you can make or plan from home! 

A gift that does good

What do you get the person who has everything? (We all know one of those.) You get them something for others. Find out which charities or organizations they support and get them the gift of giving. Most people have a cause they really care about. Or dedicate something in their name, like a tree or a patch of land in a nature preserve.

An adventure pack

A perfect, customized adventure box for the kids is easy to create. Draw or annotate a ‘treasure map’ of the local park or beach and suggest a date to head out. Add a bag of candy to keep their energy up, maybe a pair of gloves, a ‘treasure’ bag to collect things they find and a notepad to make a scrapbook afterwards. You know them best, so you can make it really personal — add in their favorite characters or heroes and tailor it to their taste! You can also download or create your own activity sheets, like a spotting guide for animal tracks. Go all out and put a disposable camera in there too, who knows, they might discover a hidden photography talent?

A promise

This is the ideal gift for the slightly frazzled parent you know. Order a pair of movie tickets, or a gift card for some drinks or a meal, and offer to babysit for the evening while the parents, or parent, have a date or a relaxing night to themselves. You’ve just given them the well-earned gift of bliss! You could also promise your partner or friend a meal — home-cooked or somewhere fancy — as an IOU. These days we have so many demands on our time that when you’re able to give your precious time, people will know you’ve really given them something special. Decorate a homemade invitation for the ultimate personal touch.

A photo album

Old-school, we know, but some pictures are too nice just to post on Facebook. Gift someone memories for the holiday season and really let them know you’ve thought about them. Photo albums can be as simple or creative as you like. You can order chic-looking pre-made ones online by uploading your snaps and letting speedy delivery work its magic. Or you could start from scratch with printed photos and get creative. You can relive an amazing vacation, or a great year you’ve had together. If you’re looking for a gift to give your significant other on behalf of the kids, this is the perfect present. You and the little ones can sit down for the day or evening with some glitter and crafty materials and make a photo album everyone will treasure.

Home-made treats

Some of these need some planning ahead but they’re so tasty they’re worth it. Did you know you can make your own flavored spirits? Forage your own fruit in the fall and brew your own sloe or blackberry gin, plum or apple vodka. How many flavors can you come up with? There are plenty of simple recipes that only require alcohol, a container, sugar and fruit; it basically brews itself. You could also make your own scented candles at home, with all the ingredients bought online, and while away the wintery evenings. Put them in pretty jars and they’ll make perfect gifts. Baked goods are great too — cookies, cakes, muffins, biscuits, brownies, the list goes on.

An experience

These range in price, but you don’t have to get someone a skydive or a racecar driving experience for Christmas. How about booking them a ‘makeover’ with a makeup artist, or a special wash and blow-dry at the salon? You could arrange a cocktail making class or a cooking class. If they love Thai cuisine or sushi, help them learn to make their own. Gift them a pottery class or get tickets to a show or exhibition you know they’ve been dying to see. Memories are the best, and the most thoughtful, gift you can give.

Author: Faye Morrison
Source: Jockey