Now that seasonal celebrations are in full swing, you may feel a certain sense of dread. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to survive a night encased in a Spandex? We’d rather you not even think about it.


Welcome to the 21st century, already. Check out the holiday party solutions we’ve got for you. Now, you can have just a hint of shaping without the complete lock-down of one of those horrible mummy suits. Remember, dear, it’s a party not an inquisition.

Our Slimmers line gives you that flattering touch, and it does so with style in a variety of options, from a spaghetti strap cami or shorts to our scoop neck, Seamfree® body suit.


Think effortless. It’s the opposite of being distracted by your undergarments riding up or rolling down just when you’re getting comfortable. Our solutions let you pay attention to the conversation, laugh at all the right times, and maybe even share in some witty repartee.

This year, flowy skirts are in, and with Skimmies® slipshorts, you can confidently breeze about the room as often as you’d like. We stave off all your personal nightmares with anti-static and wicking options, so you can dance the night away — without clinging or chafing.

Our Seamfree® garments let you wear those body-hugging slacks without fear of the panty lines your mother warned you about, and tops that show off your curves with no distracting, residual bulges. Did we mention these come in microfiber and cotton? Yes, we thought that might get your attention.

Come on out and play. Have something to eat, for heaven’s sake. Stay late and enjoy being comfortable and stylish with Jockey® shapewear.


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