“Now that all of the children are grown, we still meet at my mom’s house to celebrate Christmas. A few years ago, we were doing the gift exchange and I was thrilled as I opened a gift from my mom and found that my favorite Jockey® underwear was her gift to me. I kept a completely straight face and urged her to open her present from me. When she did, she laughed so hard as I had gotten her the exact same thing she had bought for me – style and all!!! Good judgment seems to run in our family – like mother, like daughter!” -Laura, Milwaukee, WI

“My sister and I have similar tastes and both shop out Jockey® outlets. One year, we each bought the same style, same color holiday flannel pajamas for each other without knowing it until we exchanged gifts.” -Michelle from Kutztown, PA

If you, your family and your friends wear Jockey® styles – obviously you all have great taste! =) Once you get hooked on the fit and feel, you want everyone you love to experience it too! Our cozy microfleece and festive pajamas make fabulous gifts this season. Watch out! The same great styles may end up under your tree.

So tell us! What Jockey gifts are you giving this year? And, what would you like to receive?


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