Give JockeyWhile gift-giving opportunities and occasions occur all year ‘round, there’s no question that the majority of gifts are exchanged in December. Sometimes we know exactly what to get the people on our gift list; while other times, we could use a little help or hint. Thankfully, Jockey has a variety of products that are perfect for any personality in your life – and they aren’t all just underwear!

The Athlete

We all know athletes need to be comfortable in order to perform at their very best. Women's Active JacketJockey has great gifts for female athletes, including this Aerosculpt Jacket, which is not only decidedly feminine, but also functional and versatile. We especially love the thumbholes that keep the jacket’s sleeves from falling over your hands during a weight-training session or aerobic workout.

If you’ve got male athletes on your gift list, take a look at this fantastic Jockey Men's ActiveSport Embossed Long-Sleeve Crew shirt. Not only does it come in sizes S through 2XL and a choice of two colors, but it’s also stretchy, moisture-wicking and a perfect base layer for bundling in the colder months. Plus, we’re pretty sure it will fold up very tightly, so you can uphold the belief that “good things come in small packages.”

The Fashionista

Women's Lace ThermalThis is typically the pickiest one on your gift list; Jockey’s all over this personality with plenty of choices! Even when lounging, a fashionista needs to be stylish, and this Reversible Open Wrap Cardigan is sure to elicit a surprised squeal of delight. The cardigan even includes pockets, which are essential in any loungewear jacket. This long-sleeve grey shirt with black lace inserts is also a fashionable must-have – purchase it with Jockey lounge pants for women online for an especially generous gift.


The Lovable Couch PotatoWomen's Robe

Let’s face it: not everybody in our lives is athletic or fashionable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if the lovable couch potato on your list doesn’t get out much, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate comfortable, tasteful clothing.For instance, this Stretch Lounge Crew for men in a soft cotton blend and this cozy Frosted Plaid Brushed Flannel Robe for women.

Women's SocksThe Outdoor Enthusiast

From curling up on the couch, to hiking in the great outdoors, Heathered Camp Socks will keep her feet warm as she changes from slippers to boots and back again. The socks come in a choice of four stylish colors and patterns.

He’ll love this Gym Time Long John, which fits comfortably under sweats, jeansMen's_Plaid_LongJohns and flannel bottoms. This Jockey thermal underwear for men features a no-fly design for support and comes in this year’s über fashion: plaid.

The “I’m So Cold!!!” Person

Like some of us here at Jockey, we’re sure some of you come from a long line of “I’m so cold!” people; we can tell you that the way to a perpetually cold person’s Tweed Sock 1heart is definitely through their feet. This Rugged Tweed Boot Sock comes in three colors that match nearly everything, and fits equally well whether she’s wearing slippers or boots. Whether indoors or outside, the way to keep warm is always with layers.

He’ll appreciate the warmth and plushness of this Fleece Windowpane Robe, which features pockets to keep his hands warm and a belted waist to keep out the drafts.Men's Robe

Holiday shopping with Jockey is easy and you’re guaranteed to get your loved ones the perfect gift with this guide. After all, this is Jockey – the company that invented the brief. Comfort and happiness are virtually written on our label.

  1. Kelly Satterly says:

    I have been wearing your underwear for years. I’m so excited to see new designs each time I go in. I buy almost half of my Xmas presents from Jockey. My family, friends, and my husband’s family all get new robes, pajama sets, socks, and even bras, panties, and underwear. It’s the perfect gift for them all. They’re always exciting about our presents to them. They love it all. Thank you for creating such a good product and having such great sales and promotions that helps us buy so much quality products that we can share with our loved ones. They are really great products and look great years later. Thank you again.

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