Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing and frost is now visible on the ground with the daily rising of the sun. In some places, snow is already falling. Just because the weather’s getting chilly doesn’t mean we should, too. Jockey has the best products to keep everyone warm and comfortable throughout the fall and into the winter season. And, when it comes to staying warm, it all starts with layering.

Women's Snowflake Thermals

The Importance of Layering

Layering is important all year long to stay warm and dry, but it becomes even more essential as the temperatures get cooler. Here’s a brief overview of how to layer:Men's Flannels, Fleece and Thermals

  • Base Layer: A base layer is the most important one of all. It should be warm and cozy, yet still movable and breathable. It should also dry quickly. If you should get one layer 100 percent right, it’s got to be the base layer.
  • Mid Layer: Mid layers are any outdoor lover’s main source of insulation. These are often made of down, wool or warm synthetic materials. They are removable as sunshine or physical activity bring warmth, but can also be put back on as temperatures drop again.
  • Outer Layer: Outer layers are made with one goal in mind: protection from the elements. A good outer layer is both waterproof and windproof. It will keep you dry and warm.

Creating Layers with Jockey

Layering may involve a lot of clothing items, but it doesn’t have to mean becoming bulky. Jockey has lightweight products that will keep you fashionable and warm. When it comes to layering, Jockey knows the most important focus should be the base layer, as that’s the one that sits closest to the body and needs to keep you warm and dry.

Base Layers for Men

Jockey offers key base elements for the top and bottom. First, there are the men’s long sleeve thermal shirts that provide cozy warmth without sacrificing movability and breathability. There are also men’s moisture wicking underwear, which provide support, dryness and comfort. Men can also keep their legs warm with Jockey’s soft, yet durable Thermal Long Johns.

Men's Thermal Layering

Mid Layers for Men

Jockey also offers many mid-layer options to keep guys toasty in the fall and winter.

Men's Activewear layeringThe Quarter-Zip, with Mesh Insert, is a pullover that is both stylish and soft, but also features plenty of flexibility. The Jockey® Long Sleeve Crew adds warmth, but also has side seam vents to help cool quickly. The Pebble Fleece Quarter Button Henley offers a vintage twist on the mid layer, combining both practical features, like protection from the elements, with a fresh, collared look.




Base Layers for Women

Women's Mid Layers

Women have just as many base layer options as men. Jockey’s for women underwear come in all shapes and sizes, making them the perfect fit for any woman. A Modern Tactel Cami provides all-day breathable warmth with a touch of femininity. You also can’t go wrong with Jockey’s wide range of thermal wear for women which keep you warm without adding unnecessary bulkiness. There are also plenty of warm Boot Socks and Stretch Wool Long Jane options available to keep women’s lower halves toasty.


Mid Layers for Women

Reversible Open Wrap Cardigan

Jockey’s mid layer women’s line offers just as wide of a selection. A couple favorites include the Reversible Open Wrap Cardigan, which blends comfort and style in a two-tone wrap. The Fleece Full Zip Hoodie works perfectly on extra cold days and is complete with full lining and a drawstring hood to make sure you’re prepared for all weather conditions.


Women's Top Layers

By starting with a comfortable and cozy base layer to adding a bit of style and versatility with the mid layer, Jockey helps set the standard for smart and stylish layering all fall and winter long.


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