Exotic Exhilaration


This season is all about mixing exotic patterns with solids to bring a fabulous flare to your wardrobe. By starting with a statement piece, like a figure-flattering top or dress, the possibility for must-have pairings are endless! 122413_ZoeBlog_exotic

A new comfy go-to in your closet this season should be the Jockey Clean Edge Thong. Between the laser cut edges, silky smooth fabric AND lack of panty lines, the only decision you need to make when reaching into your panty drawer is what color you feel like wearing. After all, every girl deserves to have choices.

Once the essentials are set in stone, you are then free to play with your seasonal faves. One idea is adding a bold watch and tote for a sophisticated feel. Turning everyday essentials into chic wardrobe accessories has never been so simple with this style. Finally, throw on a pair of stunningly comfortable heels and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to look so exotically classy this season!


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