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Hey, guys!

photoWhat’s up? My name is Ryan and I lead the Social Media team at Jockey. As part of an #EverydayAthlete campaign I’m organizing for our new Jockey Sport Performance underwear, I’m on the hunt for real, everyday athletes. Guys that embody what it means to be an #EverydayAthlete: dedication, self-motivation and goal diggers.

What excites me most about this campaign is the opportunity to recognize real guys with a killer work ethic. Whether it’s at the gym, on the courts or in the hand-built workout room in their basement, the #EverydayAthlete is always finding a way to be their best — and nobody’s paying them for it either. They do it for pure love. My goal is to show the world what the #EverydayAthlete is all about with your help. Check out our new Jockey Sport commercial below to get a taste.

Here’s how I want you to participate:

  • Tag your workout photos on Instagram with #EverydayAthlete
  • Send us a tweet or post on our Facebook page your workout photos, tell us what motivates you and share your favorite inspirational quotes with #EverydayAthlete
  • If you’ve got it in you, create a Vine video, or any short video (30 seconds or less) capturing what an #EverydayAthlete looks like in motion

How will I use the content? I want to show everyone. No joke. I want to feature you on Jockey’s website, email campaigns and our social media channels. And, of course, you’ll get credit for any content we use – I just ask that you keep other brand’s logos out of your photos/videos.

To show my appreciation for your participation in our #EverydayAthlete campaign, I’m dishing out FREE Jockey Sport underwear (winners will be chosen at random). Please make sure to follow the above instructions to be considered for a chance to win.

To get you started, I wanted to share some pictures from my #EverydayAthlete journey. Keep checking back on our blog, I’ll be sharing new pictures plus creating weekly fitness challenges for a chance to win free Jockey Sport.



In the meantime, I would want to hear from you: What is your favorite way(s) to exercise? I love to lift weights and run. Your turn …

(Feel free to pass this along to a friend that’s got a love for fitness)

  1. nicholas wilson says:

    things like this are awesome motivation to keep working and pushing. Looking for to posting videos and pictures @Jockey!!!

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