“I was tired of my boyfriend always having “worn” underwear and t-shirts. He was buying whatever was cheapest at the grocery store. Once he tried Jockey, that’s all he’ll wear! It lasts and it’s stylish! Thanks Jockey for helping my boyfriend not have torn underwear!!” -Michele from Willis, MI

Ladies, this is your chance! Every husband, dad, brother has them…those old t-shirts that he insists on keeping around and WEARING even though they have holes, pit stains and are just completely worn out and gross! They may be referred to as “weekend t-shirts”, “scrubs” or “fill in the weird name he uses here”, but honestly, there is no reason besides cleaning rags that these t-shirts need to be around. This holiday, treat him (and YOU) to our Classic 6-packs collection. They make the perfect gift and are available in brief, boxer brief, midway® brief, crew t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and a-shirt styles. Say goodbye to those “other” styles, and say hello to Jockey’s 100% cotton classics in convenient 6-packs. Durable, dependable and a customer favorite. Shop Classic 6-packs


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