Super Easy DIY Costumes

One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make all year is around the corner.

What to be for Halloween.

If you’ve been racking your brain for months trying to come up with something creative, have no fear.

We compiled a list of super easy, totally original costumes that include everyday basics (ahem, underwear and t-shirts) that you already have in your closet!

Joel Goodsen, Risky Business
This iconic character couldn’t be easier to pull off. All you need is a white button down shirt, tighty whities and crew socks. Take it up a notch with a candle stick, black shades and your best rendition of “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Quailman (aka Doug Funnie)
Who could forget Doug from the ’90s? The lovable cartoon who was always trying to woo Patti Mayonnaise and hanging with his friends in Bluffington!

Pull off his alter ego, Quailman, with khaki shorts, a white t-shirt, green vest, belt (to go around your head) red cape and sneakers. Put white briefs over your khakis and you are ready to roll.

Captain Underpants
Action, thrills and laffs await with this one. You’ll be ready save to the world and bring villains to their knees with your signature move—the wedgie—in a red cape and white briefs (that’s it!).

Sandy Olsson, Grease
Grease is (still) the word. Side on a pair of fitted active leggings and a black shirt. Curl and tease your hair—the bigger the better! Add a pop of red to your lips, and go get ’em.

So what’s it gonna be? Joel, Sandy, Doug or Cap? Whoever you choose, we think you’ll be taking home first prize in the costume contest.

Source: Jockey