Crop It Off


Lately it seems that crop tops are all the rage. Whether paired with a vibrant, flowing skirt or ankle-length pants, they offer up a look that’s casually cute and totally on-trend. Plus, they just show a smidge of your midsection (if you want!) so as to not reveal too much.050814_ZoeBlog_crop

When giving this look a go, it’s best to start with your top and work downwards. If you’re starting with something simple, à la a gray crop top, try something with a print on the bottom. Alternatively, if you have a pattern up top, keep it simple below. As far as shoes, anything from flats to pumps will do just fine. Then, mix in your favorite accessories and you are (almost) ready to roll.

Whatever you do, just don’t forget to first slide on your Skimmies® original slipshorts. They’ll ensure the final product is sleek and polished—just like you. Plus, the smooth Seamfree® finish will give you that extra pep in your step so you’re ready to rock the look. This spring, go for it and crop it off.


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