Cocktail Glam


It’s safe to say if you’ve read the latest issues of InStyle or Elle you know that blocking is a major trend right now. This look has been a mainstay in the fashion world; seen everywhere from celebrities to fashion bloggers, to the aisles of mass market retailers. While color – such as bold accessories and bright foundation pieces – was the trend’s MVP this past spring and summer, the simplicity of black and white gives the look a modern and slightly unexpected twist. And, is a bit more apropos for the winter months. 122413_ZoeBlog_cocktail

Starting from the bottom up, Jockey Skimmies® Slipshorts provide a lightweight, seamless finish under a fitted dress; a perfect foundation piece for building this trend. Not only is black and white a totally flattering color combination but also beyond versatile for multiple accessorizing options. Next, layer on a great structured black blazer that you should already have hanging in your closet for a majorly sophisticated look.

Last but not least, the accessories. Here is where you can play with a little color while still keeping the overall look minimalistic. Try either an edgy printed bag to pop your look or a great pair of statement earrings. And voila…you have totally mastered modern color-blocking. Now go on…it’s time to strut your stuff!


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