Classic Beauty


Nothing says classic like an all-black ensemble and, believe it or not, you can do this monochromatic look any time—even in the summer. It works especially well for cocktails with the girls or a late lunch in the city on a breezy day. 050814_ZoeBlog_Classic.jpg

To create this totally timeless look, start with a black blazer—either fitted or oversized—then add chic-yet-relaxed pants. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, try pants in a bold graphic print!  But, whatever you do, make sure that one piece is oversized and one is fitted. This will ensure your outfit looks perfectly balanced—not too baggy and not too tight. Add in some statement sunnies and choose shoes that fit the occasion—flat sandals for daytime or feminine pumps for a night out. And you’re ready to go… almost!

Before you put on this effortlessly glam look, slide on your Skimmies® anti-static slipshorts. The anti-static finish will prevent annoying—and unsightly—cling while the Seamfree® design provides a smooth, fabulous finish and incredible comfort!


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