LEGENDARY SERVICE … That’s A Show Stopper

When Toni C. of California celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary, she received an unexpected gift that stole the show.

“Everybody kept asking, who sent the beautiful flowers? I kept telling them this nice lady Vivian that I talked to at Jockey when I ordered underwear. I mentioned my anniversary while on the phone and the next thing I know, a lovely floral arrangement appeared at my door. Now-a-days, companies have to stand for something, and Jockey sure seems to do that. Anyway, thank you so much!” said Toni.

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The Anatomy of a Wedgie

Wedgies. We know what you’re thinking. The old playground trick where you cruelly grab your friend’s underwear and yank until, well, they rip. Atomic wedgie, anyone? Anyway, as much fun as those days were, we’re focusing on the periodic, very uncomfortable wedgie that’s great at ruining your day.

Do you know what causes your undies to undesirably locate? With the help of our underwearologists, we took a much closer look at practical tips to help prevent a wedgie; scientifically known as an isosceles anomaly (who knew?!).

It may sound simple, but find a pair of underwear that fits you comfortably. As stated by Mackie G., senior manager, product development & garment analysis at Jockey, “Tight or very loose underwear is the major cause of ride up.” She further explained, “As you move about your day, underwear stretches, and loose fabric (the key ingredient in a wedgie) finds its way into unwelcomed territory.” Finding a good fit isn’t always easy. To ensure Jockey underwear provides unmatched comfort and fit, Mackie notes, “We put them through extensive wear testing and live model fittings.”

Another important factor for a wedgie-free fit includes complementing the right fabrics between your underwear and your clothes. First and foremost, Mackie says, “Your underwear should match your outfit and activity.” Here are a few top drawer tips for a comfortable fit:

  • Your wardrobe should dictate your underwear
    • Relaxed wardrobe pieces like chinos or looser fitting jeans work well with 100% cotton underwear. On the other hand, tighter fitting clothing needs a cotton spandex blend for gentle stretch to help maintain a streamlined look
  • Sport/Active underwear is a must for fitness activities
    •  Polyester/Spandex fabric blend is light and smooth and offers the needed support and stretch for increased athletic mobility
      • Opt for a garment with quick dry fabric to keep you cool and comfortable
  • A particular silhouette isn’t necessarily wedgie-prone. The key is avoiding excess fabric. The more available, the more opportunity for a wedgie


Now that we’ve picked a part the wedgie, we bet you’re wondering, what if I take all the steps to get proper fitting underwear, and I still get one? Don’t worry, we asked our underwearologists that too! Unfortunately, they have no tricks for relieving a wedgie in a politically correct way. BUT, they did offer one suggestion; seek an empty room to avoid the all-too-common public display of “The Squirm,” also known as the wedgie dance.

The Life of a Jockey Underwear Architect

As kids, we all had career aspirations like doctors, professional athletes, police officers, teachers and so on. But, where was the kid screaming, “I want to be an underwear architect!” Perhaps it’s a special breed; after all, many of us aren’t comfortable discussing our undies or talking to people about theirs.

One of the most interesting things about working with underwear is the conversations. We’ll be honest, it’s not uncommon to talk H-flies, waistbands and wedgies over lunch. As result, that work/life filter gets tricky.

We sat down with Yildiz W., senior director of product development at Jockey for some real insight into that work/life filter of an underwear architect. Due to the nature of her job, Yildiz shares, “We’re always trying to innovate and offer our customers unmatched features and fit in underwear. Sometimes, that means picking the brains of friends and family members about what they like/dislike in a pair of underwear. After all, they’re no different than our customers.”

Want an example of that conversation? At a recent dinner party, Yildiz says she managed to turn the topic to underwear in attempt to research how her male friends used the fly on their underwear. There’s that work/life filter we mentioned. Anyway, Yildiz discovered four of her five friends actually used their fly. For us underwear folks, that’s almost like winning the lottery.

Aside from less than normal conversation habits, Yildiz shared when meeting new people and mentioning she works at Jockey, underwear waistbands start flying out. She jokingly admits, “I’m not sure whether to laugh or immediately change the topic.”

Well, now it’s uncomfortably obvious that working with underwear seriously impacts our social lives. But, we have a really good reason — we’re trying to make the best undies in the world, and sometimes that means asking friends about theirs.

So, it’s only appropriate we hear from you: What’s your favorite underwear style?

Jockey Supports Hurricane Sandy Victims

Thank you so much to all of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers for questions about Jockey’s support for Hurricane Sandy victims.

We are working with the American Apparel & Footwear Association’s (AAFA) charitable arm, the Apparel Foundation, to provide product donation to hurricane victims. AAFA is coordinating with disaster relief organizations to offer assistance to those directly impacted by Sandy.

For more on AAFA, please visit: http://bit.ly/RDV0xJ


One of the best things about losing weight is new wardrobe shopping. In many ways, it’s the start of a “new you.” Not long ago, we had a real loser call into our customer care center. His name was Jim F. and he lived in Texas – boy was he a loser.

When Jim’s Jockey.com order arrived at his house, he noticed his order was missing styles. Concerned, Jim called Jockey and talked with Personal Shopper Denise to report the mistake. Without question, Denise ordered his replacement merchandise. Bubbling over with excitement, Jim shared he had lost 153 POUNDS!

In celebration of his weight loss, Jim was ordering new underwear to fit his new size. Not satisfied just yet, he was on a mission to lose even more weight. 

To show our excitement for Jim and let him know everyone at Jockey supports him in more ways than one, Denise sent Jim a basket of fruit with a thoughtful little note: “Congratulations on your recent loss! You’re such an inspiration! We look forward to hearing back from you.”

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For most of us, we’re first exposed to brands and products through our parents. If dad wore Jockey underpants, there’s a good chance his son’s first pair of underwear would be Jockey.

During a recent call to Jockey personal shopper Paula, William T. of Tennessee shared Jockey underwear was a tradition passed from father to son in his family. He couldn’t help but mention his dad, who recently passed away and started “the whole Jockey thing” for him.

Shortly after her call with William, Paula sent a special condolence card sharing she understands how it feels. Impressed and grateful, William couldn’t help but say, “Dad was right about Jockey.”

Have you experienced a random act of kindness that really made your day? If so, leave it in a comment below.

Jockey’s Strappy Tank Featured In Redbook

The Strappy Tank, a shapewear piece in Rachel Zoe’s “Major Must Haves” from Jockey, is featured on page 62 in REDBOOK‘s “Fitting Room” section. The tank was labeled “most stylish muffin-top eliminator” amongst a group of other top shapers.

In July, Jockey and Rachel Zoe announced a selection of curated products as Rachel Zoe’s “Major Must Haves” from Jockey. In mid-October, Rachel’s selection of Jockey® shapewear and intimates will be available in a variety of retail stores. A small portion of the new intimates product is available now in Jockey outlet stores and on Jockey.com with the full product line being available in mid-October. Shop some of the intimates now.


LEGENDARY SERVICE … that leaves people speechless

Nadine H., of Colorado, made a quick call to Jockey to get some hosiery that she needed expedited for her mother-in-law’s funeral. She was stunned when she found a floral arrangement at the funeral from her friends at Jockey.

“Everybody kept asking who my mother-in-law knew from Jockey, and when I explained customer service sent it, most people were just speechless, kind of, you know, “WOW,” explains Nadine. “You made quite an impact, not just for Jockey but humanity. I wonder how many people told other people who told other people.”

Have you experienced a random act of kindness that really made your day? If so, leave it in a comment below.

Win FREE Underwear For A Year

It’s every butts dream come true – FREE Jockey underwear for a year. Based on the comments from our fans on Facebook and Twitter, it was clear we needed to giveaway some undies. We’ve heard it all from dogs chewing up underwear to washing machines eating them. No matter where your missing undies go, we’ve got your back (side).

Aside from our concern about undie-less fans, we’ve got a new season upon us. That means, it’s time to change your wardrobe — including your underwear.

Ready to enter for your chance to win? Click here >> Got friends that wear underwear? Be sure to share our contest so they can enter too. The contest is live July 27 – August 22.

Good luck!