If you’ve worn clothing (or touched anything) made of modal fabric, you know why it’s a brilliant fabric. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Big time!

Read on to see why it’s so great, from its softness to its breathability and more.

What is modal?

Modal is a man-made fabric that’s spun out of beechwood pulp. Its natural properties make it nice and breathable, allowing sweat and moisture to quickly move away from your skin, rather than stay trapped on it!

Sometimes used on its own, modal plays well with other fabrics and is often blended with cotton or spandex. Due to its ah-mazing comfort factor, it’s commonly used to make pajamas, towels, bathrobes, underwear and bedsheets.

Jockey Supersoft Modal Tank

Softer than soft

Light, luxurious and silky-soft, modal is truly fantastic. In clothing, it gently drapes over the body for extraordinary comfort. This drapability also creates a stylish, laidback look in outerwear—usually more flowy and airy.

As an underwear fabric, it’s an excellent choice. It’s soft, breathable and up to 50% more absorbent than cotton, which helps you stay dry and comfy.

Washes well

Another perk of modal is that it’s durable. It keeps its shape, color and finish—wash after wash. (And, that’s a good thing because you’ll reach for styles made of modal again and again… and again).

Go, modal!Men's Essential Fit Supersoft

Jockey’s new men’s Essential Fit Supersoft t-shirts and underwear are, as the name implies, essential for guys. The perfect blend of modal and spandex, they are light and soft, with great stretch that allows for freedom of movement. Modern styling and Staycool+™ technology enhance the look and comfort of these must-haves.


For ladies looking to try modal, check out the new Natural Beauty collection. The ultra-flattering bralettes and underwear are made of a super comfy modal blend (35% cotton 35% modal). Another modal go-to? Supersoft camis—a long-time customer favorite—and panties.Natural Beauty Collection



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