Active vs. Sport Underwear: What you need to know

Between work, time with the family and get-togethers with friends, your life is full. It’s packed. It’s busy.

Enter: Active underwear. This newer genre of underthings is growing in popularity and for good reason. It falls somewhere in between your everyday cotton briefs and high-performing sport underwear. It’s the middle ground. The all-day, everyday, ready-when-you-are style.

If it’s not in your top drawer, it needs to be. And here’s why.

Active Underwear Uncovered 

Jockey® Active Stretch underwear wicks away sweat and fights odor to help you feel cool, dry and fresh as you go about your day. Plus, the cotton stretch fabric moves with you to provide around-the-clock, non-restrictive comfort.

Jockey® Active Mesh Underwear offers breathable comfort with allover mesh fabric for superior ventilation. A no-fly design enhances support, while a soft elastic waistband provides a snug fit.

Jockey® Active Microfiber underwear is made with lightweight, anti-microbial fabric that helps pull moisture away from your skin and fight odors.

These styles keep up with you all. day. long. They go from 9 to 5 at the office, to a casual game of hoops with the guys to playtime with the kids.

Simply put, they’re pretty awesome.

But, Wait…What is Sport Underwear

While Active underwear is really a do-it-all of styles, it shouldn’t replace your sport underwear. Why? Because there is a big difference between the two: the amount of support.

Jockey® Sport Performance underwear are constructed to provide the best support you can get from Jockey, which is essential for intense sports like running, lifting and other strenuous activities. Any time you need a garment with a higher level of performance, choose Jockey® Sport Performance. 

Jockey Sport® Stretch Tech Performance underwear delivers sport-level comfort with smooth stretch fabric that moves with you for ultimate range of motion, flat, friction-free seams to prevent rubbing and chafing and moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. A keyhole fly is featured in this collection.

Jockey Sport® Cooling Mesh Performance underwear is designed with ultra-smooth, quick-drying microfiber and mesh panels to keep you cool and dry. A no-fly construction provides maximum support.

Jockey Sport® Microfiber Performance underwear uses a lightweight fabric that helps control odor and wick away moisture for cool and dry comfort. This collection uses an H-Fly for ultimate support.


It’s pretty simple: you need your sport underwear to enhance comfort during workouts; and active underwear to keep up with life. What’s it going to be today?


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Source: Jockey