Underwear makes the perfect gift for the holiday season. Here’s why it’s topping our gifting list.

1. A little everyday luxury

High-quality, ultimately cozy underwear is a rare find. But when you do discover it, you’ll want to make sure your entire family is as comfy as you are. Luxurious underwear is a little treat your loved ones probably bypass when shopping for themselves — make Santa the middleman and give them a gift that makes them feel fabulous.

2. The gift that keeps on giving

Okay, we’re all borderline chocoholics but with underwear you’re giving a gift that lasts all year. Quality underwear is an investment that they might not think about making for themselves but it’s sure to be appreciated — and made use of — throughout the coming year.

3. No need for them to refresh their sock drawer this season

Holey socks? Us too. We’re constantly forgetting to refresh our sock drawer through the year so it’s always nice when someone does that for us — and we’re sure your loved ones feel the same! Like they say, out with the old, in with the new…

4. More is more

Is there such a thing as too much underwear? We think not. Underwear is the foundation that everyone’s wardrobe is built on – and foundations can never be too strong.

5. Perfect for stuffing stockings

You crossed everyone off your list but have the strangest feeling that something’s missing? It’s probably socks… They’re the perfect shape and size for stuffing stockings that need a little added extra.

6. New-Year’s resolutions-busting

We’re going to cut out chocolate, get that promotion, paint a masterpiece… We don’t know about your friends and family, but our New Year’s resolutions usually last until lunchtime. This year, our motto is ‘New Year, new underwear’. Keep their fresh start going (at least in the sock section) with a bundle of new underwear.

7. SO much color

Just because underwear is hidden beneath clothes doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful. If your lucky recipient’s 9-to-5 outfit edges on the gray side, underwear is a great way to brighten things up for them. A merry and bright underwear drawer will put a smile on their faces on less-than-appealing mornings.

8. ‘The one’ for all the family

There’s always that one person you just can’t seem to cross off your list. They want nothing or have everything, so what do you get them? We suggest starting with something everyone needs. Quality socks and underwear in bright colors are a gift that everyone can appreciate from Dad to Uncle Kevin.


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Source: Jockey