5 Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them


Ever left the house, maybe even reached your destination, only to realize your underwear isn’t right for the outfit you’re wearing? We all have! From dreaded VPLs (visible panty lines, by the way) to your thong peeking out above your jeans, no one wants wardrobe malfunctions to ruin their outing. Our handy guide will help you find the underwear to solve your problems.

1. The visible panty line

No Panty Line PromiseAh yes, you check the mirror and realize your underwear is showing through your skirt. For this, we recommend string bikinis or thongs to create a smooth silhouette under your clothes. If you prefer a bit more coverage, try No Panty Line Promise® styles. The silky-smooth fabric and low-profile edges help make the VPL disappear.

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2. The accidental thongJockey Thongs

You start walking, and voila! The underwear that didn’t start out as a thong has ridden up uncomfortably under your tight jeans. This can happen when you wear the wrong kind of underwear to a strenuous activity like working out—and it can be really uncomfortable. One simple solution is to wear a comfortable thong—try our Wonder Edge or Sporties Mesh or No Panty Line Promise® styles. That way everything is where it’s supposed to be before you begin. Or go for boyshorts, which are cut to stay put and are very flattering, too.

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3. Underwear riding down

For some reason, some clothing just doesn’t want to share space with your undergarments and pushes underwear off your hips and into an uncomfortable position. To avoid getting caught tugging up your underwear, choose a hipster silhouette. Make sure the top of the underwear is over your hips, not on them, and you’ll have won the battle.

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Jockey Womens Hipster underwear.png

4. Underwear that does not breathe

When you’re out and about, going from here to there, the last thing you need to worry about is your underwear. That’s why breathable, cool/dry comfort is key. Enter: Sporties. Made of sweat-wicking fabric, which pulls moisture away to help keep you feeling dry and comfortable, they’re an ideal choice for women on the go—especially on those really busy days.

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Jockey Sporties.png

5. The unexpected flash

Ever been caught off guard by a gust of wind? We’ve been there, too, which is why Skimmies® slipshorts are an absolute essential. The short-style design is super smooth, plus it adds extra coverage under all your dresses and skirts, so you feel comfortable, confident and worry-free should a welcome breeze become not so welcome.

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