5 times you should pack an extra pair of underwear

If you’ve ever been without an extra pair of underwear when you needed them the most, you know the importance of packing extras. With Labor Day Weekend around the corner, and summer travels on the horizon, we bet there’ll be a few occasions that call for a spare pair.

  1. Traveling

Lost luggage, unexpected 12-hour delays en route, diverted flights due to bad weather, cosmetic leaks… oh, the list goes on. Suffice it to say, an extra pair (or pairs) of underwear when traveling is a must. Our top tip is to split them around your luggage, and keep a few in your carry-on, because you just never know. If you’re delayed, you might not want to waste time heading back to your hotel to change when you arrive, so having that handy pair of underwear with you means you can change and go right away.

  1. Gym

So you head to the gym just to do a light class and think you’ll head to your next destination looking cool and sporty in your gym wear. That makes sense, but what if the class was more intense than you thought and you sweat more than anticipated? Now you really wish you’d packed a spare pair of underwear to make you feel fresher. This is why we always have an extra pair at the bottom of our gym bag. Now you’ll be fresh and comfortable if you decide to head for dinner and drinks after your workout class.

  1. SwimmingActive Mesh Underwear

When you’re swimming, it never usually occurs to pack anything other than what you were wearing before to change back into. But have you ever been making your way across the pool changing room when your underwear snakes its way out of your grip and – on no! – it’s on the floor. There’s nothing worse than having to go commando under jeans – take it from us – pack a spare, just in case!

  1. Day trips

We love day trips with family or friends, where anything could happen. What about a spontaneous dip in a lake? Impromptu swimming is definitely not just for the movies, there’s almost nothing more magical than taking a splash in a secluded desert lake or river you’ve found on your travels. This is just the kind of situation where you’ll want a dry pair of underwear for afterwards. If you’re traveling with kids, or messy adults, you already know that spills happen; ketchup, coffee, water – the list is endless. And mishaps can definitely happen before you make it to your final destination, so if you aren’t already carrying them, pack some spare underwear in the trunk!

  1. Camping

Camping is a time when traveling light is really important, especially if you’re carrying your gear on your back. But unless you’ve had an unexpected downpour soak through your backpack and everything you’re wearing, you might not know camping is the perfect time to have a secret stash of spare undies. Deep in your bag, you should double-wrap any emergency items you want to keep dry, including a few sets of underwear. You’re now ready for exciting spontaneous feats like jumping in rivers and lakes, or getting caught in torrential rain.

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